Book #1.5 - Fooled Around and Fell in Love

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Remember Colleen Abby's best friend in Second Chances?  People have asked to hear more about Colleen.  Ask and you shall receive!

Colleen's short story will be included in an April Fools Anthology called Fools Rush In, which will feature short stories from 8 talented authors.

What could go wrong when two best friends pretend to get engaged as an April Fool's joke? 

Never, ever, EVER ask the question, "What could go wrong?"

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Book #2- Second Look

​Adam Jackson is not proud of his string of bad decisions.  Cheating on his girlfriend, irrevocably hurting the woman he loved since high school and dumping his fiancée on their wedding day are just the tip of the iceberg. When an unspeakable tragedy pushes him to take a hard look at his life, Adam says goodbye to the no-strings hookups and begins to make amends with the women he hurt in the past.  The only problem is the woman he wants to find the most has disappeared off the face of the earth.

Jennifer Sylvester has only loved one man in her life, but she’s made one mistake after another with him.  She hasn’t seen him in four years and she’s determined to make sure their paths never cross again. When Jennifer is offered her dream job back home in Minnesota, she’s unable to turn it down. She packs up her daughter and moves back home, hoping she’s able to stay hidden from the man who still holds her heart.

When Adam and Jennifer finally reunite, old sparks begin to fly. But can Adam break down the walls Jennifer has spent so long building up? And more importantly, is Jennifer brave enough to ask Adam for something that could once again tear them apart?

June 30 2016

Second Look

Book #1 - Second Chances

Finalist for the 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards:

A year after being dumped on her wedding day, Abby Simon was still left wondering what had gone wrong. It made Adam almost impossible for Abby to get over. Since then, Abby had been on a series of dates that usually ended in disaster, and she was ready to just give up on men entirely.

When Abby unexpectedly runs into an old crush she hasn’t seen in thirteen years, she can’t help but notice he’s hotter than ever. Max wouldn’t give her the time of day back then, but to her total surprise, he seemed very interested in her now.

Just as things are heating up with Max, Adam shows up claiming he still loves Abby and leaving her was the biggest mistake of his life. Adam finally gives Abby answers as to why he left and is asking for another chance.

Abby must now make the biggest decision of her life…which man deserves a second chance?

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